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Bespoke Coding

Bespoke Design and Coding

Many web designers use templates to speed up the design and coding process. However, this leads to a lack of flexibility when it comes to your individual design and functionality needs. We design and code our sites from scratch, giving you complete control throughout the site design and build process.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, gives the opportunity for a website to rank highly in search engines. There are many factors affecting SEO for a website, but all our sites include all major SEO features. However, SEO doesn’t finish with the design and coding of a website, it continues after a site is launched. We continually optimise the site after launch to make sure it is performing to its maximum potential.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design

Responsive design is probably the most important of our web design features and becasue of this, it is included as standard in all our web design projects. We have a dedicated page covering our responsive web design here.

Social Network Integration

Social Network Integration

Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are some of the most popular and most visited sites on the internet. Seamless integration of your Facebook or Twitter page onto the website enables it to display your latest business information and offers to visitors. It is also important when you, or somebody else, links to your website on Facebook that it appears correctly. To enable this, we design dedicated images for your website which appear on Facebook when people link to it.

We can also incorporate Facebook 'like' or Twitter 'tweet' buttons onto pages.

Online Payments

Online Payments and Subscriptions

In our ultimate web design package you can accept online payments via PayPal or SagePay. This is an excellent, and more importantly, secure way of accepting payments, as no payment/card data are stored by your website, and all transactions happen on either the PayPal or SagePay site. These payment pages can feature your logo and can be tailored to your website colour scheme. Once a payment is complete, the visitor is returned to your site to a 'thank you' page or 'payment confirmation' page.

With PayPal you can set up subscription based payments which take a payment from a customer/client/user at intervals specified by you. These types of payments are currently being used on websites we have designed for recurring charges, such as monthly fitness class memberships and nursery school fees.

Please note, both PayPal and SagePay charge fees to process payments.

Banners and Slideshows

Interactive Banners and Slide Shows

These are a great way to display images and any other information you might want to your website visitor. These banners can rotate or change automatically or by a user clicking on buttons. A demonstration of this can be seen on the 'desktop view' of our home page or the on the home page of the RD Dental website.

Image Galleries

Image Galleries

One of our many adaptive image galleries can be be incorporated into your website as a great way to show off your work or services.

These function perfectly with our responsive design, and can even be built into our 'Content Management Systems' so you can upload the latest images of your work to the website easily, even using your mobile whilst out and about.

Registration and Login

Registration and Login Features

Do you need to restrict access to some pages or areas of your site to some visitors? No problem, we can create custom registration forms for your site visitors to complete, which, once they have done, they can login to the site and access restricted pages.

Any passwords used by visitors are encrypted using the very latest in password encrypting methods for increased security.

Retina Images

High Resolution Images for Retina Displays

Ever wondered why some images on devices with retina displays look a bit blurry? This is becasue devices with retina displays have higher pixel density, or a higher resolution, than normal displays.

Our websites solve this problem this by detecting whether a visitor is using a device with a retina display. If they are, your website will load a higher resolution image for that user so that the image is displayed clearly.

Take a look at the images below. They may look the same if you are on a device which doesn't have a retina display, but if you are viewing on a device which does, then you will see the difference in image quality.

Non Retina Image Demo
Retina Image Demo
Google Maps

Google Maps

Integrating Google Maps into your website is a great way of letting people know where you are. You can also have drop pins or any icon you like to indicate a place on a map.

Content Management System

Content Management Systems

Do you need to upload or publish articles, reports, events, etc. to your website? Maybe you want a blog on your wesite which you can update on the move, from anywhere in the world. If so, we can add a content management system to your site which will allow you to do all this independently of us. Once set up, you securely log in to your CMS, add an article or blog entry and publish this on your website.

A CMS can also be used to upload images to your image gallery or interactive banners or sliders.

Live Chat

Customer/Visitor Live Chat

Being able to talk to your website visitors whilst they are on the site is a fantastic customer service tool. You can answer any questions people might have directly on your site. Don't worry though, you don't need to be infront of your PC 24/7 to answer questions and queries, you can do it all from your mobile device with an app. When somebody has a question, this will pop up on your device as a notification and you can chat with them as if your were having a conversation with a standard messaging app.

You can have multiple departments within your website chat application and multiple agents who answer questions, you can even set up your 'operating hours'. Any questions outside your operating hours are directed to your email.

Video Integration

Video Integration

We can embed videos onto your website from places like YouTube and Vimeo. This is an excellent way of adding promotional or informational videos to your site.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool. It enables a website’s owner to see vast amounts of detailed information about visitors to their website, for example, to see which link a visitor clicked on to get to the site, or what they typed into a search engine to get to the site, which pages on the site they visited, for how long they visited, etc. Google Analytics can even show you exactly where in the world a visitor is from and even what web browser they were using!

You can even track live data from your website and see exactly what people are doing/viewing that very second!

If you are doing any advertising for your website this is another great method of determining if the advertising is working.

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Standard Package
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Responsive Design

Your website will adapt to look great on ALL devices. Google now ranks websites with this feature higher on searches on mobile devices

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Galleries, Banners, Booking Forms, Facebook & Twitter Feeds, AdWords, Google Analytics plus much more...

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Ultimate Package
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You can enjoy unlimited space and bandwidth on our cloud server. This includes unlimited email accounts too

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Cloud Hosting
Website Hosting
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Standard Package Hosting

Enjoy 1GB of server space and 5GB of bandwidth per month. Each website comes with up to 5 email accounts

Ultimate Package Hosting

You can use as much server space and bandwidth as you like on our ultimate package. You can also have as many email accounts as you need

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